0.14.5 (Dec 14, 2019)

– Maximum block size increase to 32MB.
– New modern logo.
– Unit of account updated to ‘GLC’.
– Tx increase to 1,120 TPS.
– GoldCoin branding changed to Goldcoin.

0.14.2 (April 9, 2018)
Major client update!

Full feature list here: client_notes_0.14.2.1.pdf (Jan, 2017)
Fix for connection issues. (Feb 14, 2016)
Mandatory Forking Update!

Maximum Block Sized Increased from 1MB to 2MB.
Transaction fee lowered from 0.1 GLD to 0.01 GLD.
Total Generated Coins/Mining Reward fast forwarded 20 years.

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59aa5f3235d77bd7ad98f24ff94a677b 466b0940fc850fc328f7626ba68e01f1a705bb36 goldcoin-

69532d42e52e948c0821b3e817689fce 06c68e624551ebe193d66a837125860cb141d13a goldcoin- (July 23, 2015)

Fork date of previous release adjusted.

Mandatory Forking Update!

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570428cac2eaf1900149be6e59c775ff 70f5bd3044f3f6beeeb5b1b96adf0c4277f93122 goldcoin-

ac2e1593108791af84263ba945a00609 4055d19bc12c346ef87c9b9a69c6c21f98836049 goldcoin- (July 19, 2015)

Golden River Difficulty Algorithm released!

Mandatory Forking Update!

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741afe3006b8494c53afdc8d65e222c9 33345874a6b245e3cb61b95cebf98b238a94c041 goldcoin-

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Please update before block 253000 (May 11, 2015)

Difficulty/Node Fix.

Mandatory Update!

goldcoin- – SHA1 – bd06000f7dab0bb7c94688430350767be2516686
goldcoin- – SHA1 – 77460c8af0f4ee6ffbee5b6aeadfd0d69c6f21b6
goldcoin- – SHA1 – 8019a202bc84afc404115654df20b278e424acbb
Fixed minor bug in that prevented the difficulty enhancements from actually taking place.

Should normalize difficulty in a few hours.

Ensure you have updated before block 118800

Mandatory update!
Fixed difficulty code again, added block queuing without client delay (threaded).

Should normalize difficulty in 1-3 days.

Mandatory forking update!

For those pulling from github you may have to use the following command before your pull will work:

git stash; git fetch origin; git reset –hard origin/master

Thank you for your patience during this time.
Potential timewarp issue fixed with mining optimizations.
Note this version of the client is known to lag for ~45 seconds when finding a new block (only applies to people who mine with the daemon/client). Will hopefully address this in the next release.

Optional update.
Fixed difficulty code, after 5-10 difficulty adjustments you should be seeing mined blocks once more.
Mandatory forking update!

Note about the frequency of updates:

We are trying to do something that has never been done before and so we regret that there have been so many difficulties but stick with us.. we’re almost there.
Fixed a bug in the bitcoin code that made changing chains post a difficulty change very difficult..
Also fixed a false positive issue with regards to the defense on the same matter.
Mandatory update!
Fixed an issue that caused network fragmentation/segmentation not to reconcile after a failed 51% attack.
Mandatory update!
Fixed an issue when downloading the blockchain from scratch,
Recommended update.

51% defense tweaked. Network segmentation on multi-peer attacks replaced with delay (more efficient).
Time travel attacks fixed. Please be sure to set your system date/time/clocks/timezone right folks, otherwise the client may behave strangely!
Mandatory update! Clients older than 0.7 will cease to sync!
If you are on 0.7, please update to 0.7.1, even though the two are compatible, there are some fail-safes in 0.7.1 that stop you from falsely triggering the defense system that are not present in 0.7


51% defense system added (first of its kind in the crypto-world!).

Note, if you open this client and after a while find yourself not connected to any nodes, do not worry, this is normal. Simply restart your client. If your number of connected nodes is low,
don’t worry this is also normal(In this case do NOT restart your client).

(this issue should only persist for a few days).

Read more about the updates here:

This recommended(optional but high priority) update adds extra checkpoints and renames some of the misnamed portions of the client.

Notice for non-windows users: The GLDCoin directory has been renamed to GoldCoin (GLD), you will have to move your wallet file manually.

As always for all users, we recommend taking a backup of your wallet.dat file.

Notice for server operators: Along with the wallet/configuration directory change, there has been a change in the name of the client executables. Please use “goldcoind” for the daemon from now on.

We recommend you first uninstall your previous version of GoldCoin before installing this edition to avoid any conflicts.

Please be sure to report any bugs noticed on the official forum here: Bug Reports

Ps. QRCodes may or may not be affected by the rename.. please generate new QR codes when using or higher… old QR codes are still supported by the old client.